Our Specialist Services

Experience Strategy

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Discover what’s important.

We’re collaborators. We engage with your project stakeholders to understand the place ecosystem and uncover the needs.  By “stakeholders” we mean people, you, your clients, partners and - let’s not forget - the people who’ll actually interact with your place.

Experience is multi-sensory and nuanced. So we consider it from every angle. What will people hear as they enter? Who will they encounter in their moments of human connectivity, in the morning and into the evening?  Is the touch of the railing provocative etched steal or soothing soft wood? What is the feeling they will take with them as they leave? 

We conduct ethnographic research and work with existing knowledge and data to investigate areas of opportunity for your vision. 

You’ll get a crystal clear design strategy, fully backed up with evidence based insights and comprehensive experience design principles. Then everyone knows what the place has to do, before the details get rolled out. 

Sound familiar? Sure. But you’d be amazed how often it doesn’t happen.





Experience Design

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Design the solutions.

We’re experts at co-design. And we know your design partners are experts at what they do.

Which means we can help your team through the entire design process, from thoughts to ideas to hard working concepts. We use experience-prototypes to investigate solutions early and we brief in the right people at the right time. Everyone is on point with your vision and the strategy. 

With full knowledge of the intended outcome, service partners get it right first time. Operational readiness considerations are designed into the solution early on. And all this works to save your your project time and money while ensuring an optimal outcome.

As a result, the countless details that make up your project are choreographed into solutions which make up the dramatic arc experience for all users. A simply brilliant end-to-end experience.

Some people call it design thinking. We just call it doing it right.





Capability Building


Build your capability.

Learning is the key. Every project is built on unique insights into what people need, what clients want, and what partners can contribute.

We’re constantly amazed at what’s possible. And that’s the point. You won’t know if you don’t get started.

So if you want to bring these capabilities in-house, we’re here to show you how.

We work with your team on a live project, guiding them through the key stages:

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Discovery & synthesis

  • Problem definition

  • Ideation & design

Your team will learn to identify people-needs, and create brilliant, integrated solutions.