Who are we, really? 


Sherryn Macdonald 


Sherryn’s an expert at identifying human needs, and designing for them. She’s lead numerous design projects, published provocative articles and facilitated many design teams through the creative process.

Her experience and insight traverses a wide range of places, from masterplans of significant inner-city precincts to disruptive retail experiences. It also includes a ten year stint in crisis psychiatry in the UK, showing her the blunt end of environmental design, the sharp end of people empathy, and a crash course in teams performing under pressure. 

She took a Masters in Environmental Psychology at the University of Surrey, and - combined with her skills in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - can interpret a person's environmental encounter with unerring accuracy. And then design to it. 

"People are ever more aware of how a space can effect how they think, feel and act", Sherryn observes, "Places now have the power to be transformational, where people leave better off than when they arrived. The power is in the experience, the unfolding narrative arc of each person's experience. We ensure design teams have the knowledge and tools to make a place everything it can be for people" 

Sherryn is a strategist and design practitioner. She knows her models of spatial cognition and behaviour, works alongside futurists and data scientists, and gets right in there investigating people's needs. With Sherryn on your side, you will design places people will love to come back to, again and again. 


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James Littlewood


James's mission is to make the world a better place, one word at a time. Specialising in true stories, his work has appeared in all media, including books, newspapers, blogs, web content, video and theatre.

James specialises in bringing historical themes to life in ways that are vivid, relevant and influential. He has also produced multi-media narratives in the unconventional format of open spaces, including museums, art galleries and urban streetscapes.